Fuel What’s Possible: What Athletes Use Juice Plus+?

Sara Lovelady Apr 24, 2022

Athletes need to be extremely choosey about what they put into their bodies. Competitive athletes follow strict diets that are specifically designed to maximize nutrition and minimize junk. Since Juice Plus+ provides concentrated nutrition from over 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries — along with other plant ingredients — it’s no surprise it’s in the gym bag of many an athlete.
Have you ever wondered which athletes use Juice Plus+? Quite a few! Elite athletes use Juice Plus+ to fuel what’s possible, whether they’re running a decathlon, skiing the slopes, or racing a wheelchair across the finish line of the IRONMAN® World Championship.
Get to know some of the athletes who have incorporated the nutrition from Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable, Berry, and/or Omega Blend into their diets.
What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Track and Field Star Solomon Simmons
U.S. Track and Field Decathlete Solomon Simmons has had his eye on competing in the Olympics for years. He got close this year, making it to the pool of 18 U.S. athletes competing in 10 events at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon this past June. 
Solomon was introduced to Juice Plus+ through his wife Lindsey, who is a health coach and “a huge plant person,” as well as a Juice Plus+ Partner for six years. “Olympic journeys live and die by what we can get out of training, and you can only get out what you have in it,” he explains. “That being said, fueling my internal engine properly is nearly as important as the workouts themselves.” In addition to eating a simple, clean diet with minimal processed foods, Solomon also takes his Juice Plus+ Fruit, Berry, Vegetable, and Omega Blends daily.
Why Juice Plus+? “Everything within Juice Plus+’s product line is about providing wholefood-based nutrition in a capsule,” he says. “I choose Juice Plus+ because it’s never claimed to be a cure for a bad diet or magic pill that will alone put me on the next level athletically… Juice Plus+ gives me that support of micronutrients which assist my body to do what it was made to do — to jump farther and run faster!” 
Sadly, Solomon was not one of the three extraordinary athletes to make the final cut for the men’s U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team. But getting knocked down only to rise and try again another day is part of the elite athlete’s journey. “I’ve invested years to fall short of making the 2021 Olympic team. Myself, my coach, my circle feel the weight of that,” Solomon wrote in an Instagram post on June 24. “Am I frustrated? Absolutely. Am I done? Absolutely not.” 
That’s the spirit, Solomon! Juice Plus+ will be behind you 100% of the way as you keep striving toward your goals.
What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Skier Extraordinaire Winter Vinecki
Once upon a time, the parents of a newborn baby named her Winter because they thought it was the most beautiful season. So, it’s only fitting that Winter Vinecki is a member of the U.S. Ski Team and has been since the age of 16. 
But being one of the top aerial skiers in the world isn’t her only talent; Winter is an accomplished all-around athlete. At the tender age of 14, she became the youngest person in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents, her mom beside her every step of the way. She also regularly competes in in triathlons, having completed her first when she was just nine and becoming the Ironkids National Champion for 2010 and 2011.
She’s 23 now, but Winter has been taking Juice Plus+ since she was a child, when her mother brought the products to international competitions. “In a lot of those places we didn’t have access to fruits and vegetables…And you don’t know if the food is going to be safe, so I knew at least I had the nutritional support of Juice Plus+ with me.” Unsurprisingly, Winter is currently pursuing a minor in nutrition from the University of Utah (along with a major in entrepreneurship).
Winter had an amazing 2021 season [1] , winning a bronze, silver, and gold medal each at World Cup competitions in Raubichi, Belarus; Deer Valley, Utah; and Moscow. A mild case of covid prevented her from competing at the World Championships in Kazakhstan, but we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for Winter. After all, the Winter Olympics were named for her!
What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Wheelchair Racer Jason Fowler
When Jason Fowler was 10 years old, he was already a nationally ranked amateur motocross racer. Then a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed from the chest down at 17. Never one to accept limitations, now he races in his wheelchair — competing in marathons, triathlons, and the IRONMAN® World Championship.
As Jason explains, “Life is going to throw curve balls — more things than you can imagine. I think through it all, you need to be true to yourself. And I think that includes never giving up on who you are, what you want and what is next in your life. I feel like we are best when we are going after our dreams.”

After his accident, Jason said goodbye to motocross and hello to handcycling. To date, he’s completed over 150 road races, 40 marathons, 43 triathlons, and five IRONMAN® World Championships — two of which he won. 
Jason credits part of his success to nutrition: “The one constant nutrition for me has been Juice Plus+. It’s the thing I have been taking for nine straight years. If I don’t take my Juice Plus+, I definitely feel a difference,” he says.
What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Volleyball Competitor Brittany Hochevar
Six-foot-tall Brittany Hochevar is a long-time athlete. The 40-year old played for Long Beach State University; won medals at the 2003 Pan American Games, the 2004 Pan American Cup and the 2003 NORCECA Championships; and was a professional volleyball player from 2004 to 2019. She served as an Olympic Volleyball commentator in 2016 and was named Defensive Player of the Year by in 2017. 
Alongside a varied diet and balanced lifestyle, Juice Plus+ helps Brittany get the plant-powered nutrition she needs to train. Pre-pandemic, she was logging about 20 hours in the sand, at the gym, and in her Pilates studio. “It’s hard to eat as much as I need to as an athlete. That becomes exhausting for me…so as many whole fruits, vegetables, whole foods that I can consume, especially when I’m turning and burning — I just find there’s more strength, there’s more power.” 
In October 2019, Brittany gave birth to her son Maverick, a preemie who weighed only one pound, 14 ounces at birth. But like his mama, the little guy doesn’t give up! Facebook photos that Brittany posted on Mavericks’ first birthday last fall show he’s doing just fine.

And how’s Brittany doing? In a 2020 interview [2] , she said motherhood changed her perspective on training: “My DNA has changed. I feel like I have super-human mom strength, and a much greater perspective, so as I come back slowly, I really wanted to train not for anything else, but just for me. Kind of get reacquainted in my own skin and re-learn myself.”  

What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Swimming Champ Zane Grothe
American distance freestyle swimmer Zane Grothe grew up in the pool — and with Juice Plus+. Once his mom realized that he and his sister had serious swimming potential, she wanted to make sure they had the proper nutrition to achieve their goals. He started taking Juice Plus+ at age 10 and continues the daily habit at age 29. 
Thanks in part to Mom, Zane’s got some important achievements under his belt. He broke American and U.S. Open Records in the 500 and 1650-yard freestyle events at the 2017 USA National Winter Championships, and in 2018 he won three medals in the Pan Pacific Championships — a gold, silver, and bronze. 

Zane is the first to admit he didn’t understand the importance of proper nutrition to athletic performance as a kid. But that’s changed. “Through the guidance of my mother, as well as firsthand experience training as an athlete, I’ve learned how my diet affects both my physical and mental performance,” he shares.
Now, Juice Plus+ is an indispensable part of Zane’s training routine. “I take my Juice Plus+ with me to every meet, domestic or international. In fact, at a meet in June 2018 I forgot to pack enough, so I had my sister overnight me enough to finish off the competition. My Juice Plus+ is a training and racing essential.” 
Zane competed at the Olympic trials this summer [3] in the 200-meter, 400-meter, and 800-meter freestyle events. He did not qualify, but as he said in a June 21 Facebook post, “I don’t need to be an Olympian to feel good about what I’ve accomplished. I will always consider my success (at the) Olympic level.” He’s considering trying again in 2024. We wish you the best of luck, Zane!
What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Gymnastics Superstar Shannon Miller
Retired gymnast Shannon Miller was once the most decorated American gymnast, having won seven Olympic medals and nine World Championship medals. She competed in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics and led the American squad in Atlanta in 1996.
“As an athlete, my health was critical to my career,” says Miller. “I needed to fuel my body for success in competition. Juice Plus+ was part of my training regimen and it continues to be a critical part of my health regimen. I am so proud to partner with Juice Plus+ as they continue to make a true difference in the health and wellness of my whole family.”
Life has a way of pulling the rug out from underneath you, and Shannon Miller’s life is no exception. In late 2010, at the age of 33, she was shocked to discover she had a baseball-sized tumor on her left ovary. Thankfully, tools she learned through her gymnastics career — like visualization, goal setting, and teamwork — helped her through the treatment phase. 
“It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re going to have bad days…” Shannon said in a 2020 interview with Sports Illustrated[4] . “But then how do I take that next step forward, how do I get back up and I think that’s what gymnastics really taught me was you fall nine times, you get up 10.”

Shannon is now cancer-free after surgery and chemotherapy. She’s raising her two children and working as an advocate for women and children’s health and as a motivational speaker. [5] You motivate us, Shannon!
What Athletes Use Juice Plus+? Everyday Superhero YOU!
Do you need to be as accomplished as one of these world-class athletes to take Juice Plus+? Of course not! Even everyday superheroes could use some plant power to fuel their workouts!

Whether you’re training for your first 5K, skiing the slopes a few weekends every winter, or doing as many laps as you can squeeze into the 15-minute adult swim period at the pool, Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable, Berry, and Omega Blend can give you the nutritional boost you need to fuel your performance and promote your overall health and well-being.

How does Juice Plus+ help you meet your fitness goals? Which Blend is your favorite?



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